How to Bridge USDC (ETH) to USDC (Polygon)

To Bridge ETH based tokens like ETH and USDC to the Polygon (MATIC) network, please make sure you have 1) MetaMask Installed 2) Polygon network installed on MetaMask and 3) The coins you're bridging from ETH to Polygon installed added on the Polygon network with MetaMask. If you haven't yet, please click the buttons below to follow the guides:

Install MetaMask Add Polygon Network to MetaMask Add New Polygon Coins to MetaMask
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ETH to Polygon Bridge Guide

1) Visit the Evodefi website and connect your wallet.

Make sure the Send option is highlighted at the top. select the drop down that says "Select source network" and scroll down until you can select Ethereum. Then proceed to connect your wallet

Visit the Evodefi Bridge

2) Select the wallet that you're using.

This guide is using MetaMask but the steps are the same using any other wallet.

3) Confirm the connection in MetaMask

You will see a window like this pop up to confirm the connection. Select Next and then Connect until MetaMask closes.

4) Select the assets you're bridging and the amounts

Ensure that your Evodefi bridge window is looking similar to this with the assets that you're bridging.

5) Approve and send the assets to the bridge so that the bridging process can happen

6) Confirm the bridge and pay the gas fee

Select confirm and pay the ETH gas fee. If it fails, please add some ETH into MetaMask to cover the gas fee transfer.

7) Congrats! You have now successfully bridged ETH Assets to Polygon

You can now utilize these assets to buy Builder Coin and many more things!

8) Confirm the bridge worked

Open MetaMask and navigate to the polygon network. If you see the assets you've bridged in your wallet the bridge was a success. If you don't see your bridged assets, make sure you have the asset you've bridged added utilizing the guide in the button below.

Add New Polygon Coins to MetaMask

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The Builder Defi Financial System and its associated smart contracts are deployed on the Polygon (MATIC) smart contract platform. These smart contracts are available to any person globally.

Builder defi

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