Builder Guides

Use the guides listed below to correctly set up MetaMask, ensure the polygon network is added to metamask, add the correct assets to Polygon on MetaMask, and then bridge ETH assets to Polygon to use them in the Builder ecosystem.

Install MetaMask Add Polygon Network to MetaMask Add Polygon Tokens to MetaMask Bridge ETH tokens to Polygon

What is $BLDR

The Builder Defi Financial System and its associated smart contracts are deployed on the Polygon (MATIC) smart contract platform. These smart contracts are available to any person globally.

Builder defi

A Defi economy securely providing value to all users

More security

Through cryptography, decentralization, and blockchain, the incentivized network structure combines balanced payments with unmatched security and transparency.

Fairly Launched and distributed

A high value digital asset that fuels powerful new DeFi (Decentralized Finance) innovations and promotes deep liquidity to ensure capital input is proportional to the supply.

groundbreaking new technology

BLDR is built on groundbreaking new technologies that favor the financial success of the applications.

Lets build the future of defi together

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